Kopfjager K700 AMT Tripod with Reaper Rail Aluminum


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The Kopfjager KK700 Tripod with Reaper Rail Kit was designed to eliminate fatigue while providing unmatched stability for precision shooters and is ready to work in harsh environments. The K700 Heavy Duty Tripod is crafted of a sturdy aluminum material and features 3-level leg extensions with locking levers. The Reaper Rail boasts robust pan and tilt ranges, up to 109° degrees ° (21° up and 87° down), as well as 22° of cant adjustment (11° in each direction), and attaches easily to Picatinny rail systems. The Reaper Rail system is also available for Arca Swiss mounting applications.


  • Unshakeable stability for precision shooting and hunting
  • Designed to eliminate fatigue
  • Tough enough for harsh environments
  • Smooth 360° pan and tilt range of 109° (21° up and 87° down)
  • Cant adjustment range of 22° (11° each direction)
  • Off-set design for accessories and magazine access
  • Compatible with Picatinny rail systems
  • Optional Arca-Swiss compatibility

Product Information

Color Black
Material Aluminum
Height 70.7 Inches
Weight 5.5 Pound
Maximum Height 70.7 Inches
Minimum Height 10.75 Inches
Country of Origin United States of America


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