Standard Mfg Thunderstruck .22Mag Double Barrel Revolver

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The S333 Thunderstruck™ sets the standard for the ultimate in personal protection by simultaneously firing two rounds of .22 Win Mag with each pull of the trigger. With four pulls of the trigger, eight rounds are fired in only three seconds.

By combining standard ammunition and birdshot, each pull of the trigger will deliver an incredible combination of firepower and very light recoil.

The S333 Thunderstruck™ is incredibly reliable because it functions as a Double Action Revolver. These Revolvers are far more superior to any other automatic pistol which are rendered useless when they jam or misfire. Additionally, the two shots per pull, with four pulls of the trigger, makes the S333 Thunderstruck™ the most redundant and reliable personal protection firearm when your life is on the line.

The S333 Thunderstruck™ also features an articulated safety integral into the trigger and requires a deliberate and full pull of the trigger before the transfer bar will clear from the firing pins and hammers. The resulting S333 Thunderstruck™ is the safest personal protection firearm available.


More Information
SKU 1794006146
UPC 854581007015
Brand Standard Mfg
Model Name S333 Thunderstruck
MPN S333
Caliber .22 Magnum
Class Subcompact
Capacity 8
Barrel Length 1.25″
Length 6.9″
Weight 18oz
Sights Fixed
Grip Standard
Trigger Standard
Safety Integral Articulated Trigger Safety Transfer Bar Blocks Firing Pins From Hammers
Finish Black
Condition New in Box


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