Lehigh Defense Xtreme Penetrator Bullets 38 Caliber (357 Diameter) 140 Grain Solid Copper Fluid Transfer Monolithic Lead-Free


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The Xtreme Penetrator (XP) product line, for both handgun and rifles. The progressive nose geometry allows for deep, straight penetration while creating a permanent wound cavity diameter exceeding that of most expanding bullets. To top it off, the bullet is solid copper and is able to overcome barriers to penetration; environmentally friendly, target unfriendly, very unfriendly, downright obnoxiously unfriendly.

The magic happens with the nose design where the radial flutes force the hydraulic energy inward and then as the energy is restricted, it accelerates outward creating high pressure spikes damaging surrounding tissue. Kind of similar to sticking your thumb over a garden hose. The permanent wound cavity of the XP is from two to four times greater than what a flat or ball nose bullet generates and often larger than traditional expanding bullets. So what you get is exceptional penetration coupled with a larger permanent wound cavity.

The solid alloy construction (copper for handgun bullets, brass for rifle and muzzleloader bullets) will not deform when contacting hard surfaces like a lead jacketed bullet will do nor will it fragment as some hard cast lead bullets are prone to do. What it will do is overcome surface barriers and penetrate straight and deep while creating a massive wound channel.


Suppressor Safe — The projectile is machined from solid bar stock.  This is not a frangible bullet produced from powdered metal.




  • Progressive nose geometry for deep, straight penetration
  • CNC machined from solid copper to overcome barriers to penetration
  • Radial flutes that force the hydraulic energy inward to build pressure
  • A permanent wound cavity that is 2 to 4 times greater than flat or ball nose bullets
  • Product Information

    Bullet Caliber 38 Special, 357 Magnum
    Diameter 0.357 Inches
    Grain Weight 140 Grains
    Quantity 500 Bullet
    Bullet Style Fluted
    Lead Free Yes
    Cannelure No
    Bullet Coating Non-Coated
    Bullet Length 0.73 Inches
    Minimum Recommended Velocity 800 Feet Per Second


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